Aims & Scope

Life in Silico publishes original research papers and review articles in which biological processes are interpreted using computational techniques.

Computational research in biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology and genomics, molecular evolution, genome/protein mutations and their structural/biological effects, virus biology, macromolecular interactions such as protein-protein, DNA-protein and RNA-protein, and network biology are welcomed. Furthermore, high quality research on medicinal chemistry (high-throughput virtual screening and lead discovery), metabolism, systems biology, virus spread and vaccine development will also be considered.

Protein modeling and molecular docking studies should be combined with molecular dynamics simulations and free energy calculations (ex. MM-PBSA, MM-GBSA), if experimental data are not available for verification. Initial modeling attempts, such as preliminary molecular docking studies, will not be considered since they do not provide in-depth information about biological phenomena.

Review articles should not be submitted to the journal directly unless expressly invited by one of the Editorial Board Members. Prospective authors who are well-established in computational life sciences, however, are welcome to send a brief synopsis about their review topic to the Editor-in-Chief for an initial check.